Idle Glory

Idle Glory is the next-gen NFT gaming project with the Play-to-Earn model that combines modern Idle RPG gameplay and blockchain technology.
Idle Glory
Game Trailer
Idle Glory
Idle Glory
Enjoy the Game
Build and lead your squad into highly entertaining and competitive PVE and PVP game modes through fast-paced real-time auto-combat
Idle Glory
Play To Earn
Conquer the Idle Glory World to win and earn rewards from battles including IGL tokens and valuable NFT assets.
Idle Glory
Take Profit
Trade your NFTs on our vibrant Marketplace or maximize profits through other Defi features including Staking, Lending & Borrowing and NFT Collateral.

Play to Earn

Idle Glory

How to play

Quest System

Daily, weekly and monthly quests to earn tokens.

PvP & PvE


  • 10 initial campaigns with 20 more to roll out over the course of 12 months. The higher the campaign progression, the better the drops and token yields
  • Different game modes available every day
  • World Boss battle - Player with the highest damage wins the most reward.


  • Daily tier-based Arena - The suitable challenge for all users.
  • Weekly Tournaments for the strongest.


  • Gather friends to establish the strongest alliance.
  • Participate in battle royales on large scale war for resource between up to 64 alliance.

Social Interaction Alliance Members & Friends

While we currently live in a world filled with video games and ways to connect virtually, it can feel like there aren't that many online games to play with friends when you're not actually with them in real life. But now, Idle Groly With Social Interaction Alliance Member & Friends system can bring out our most competitive side and allow for seriously fun evenings. What's better than being able to play games and earn money with your brothers?
Quest System
PvP & PvE
Social Interaction

Hero Classes

Idle Glory
Born with the explosive power of fire, those from the Volcano Kingdom of Freysa burn with a relentless thirst for battle glory. While separated from the rest of the land, the Volcano Kingdom is a force to terrorizing with every living soul in Heimvir. Its habitants are trained from the earliest days to excel in both hand-to-hand combat and the destructive fire magic. Any battle without the presence of a Volcano hero is as good as lost.
Idle Glory
Surrounded by the endlessly calm Loriel river, the Ocean Kingdom of Aquaedos habitants learn to be like water. They can wrap their gentle healing touch around any damaged soul, but ravage those who dare to threaten their way of living. Ocean Kingdom's heroes play an important role in any skirmish, as they provide not only potentially massive destruction but also the protection of water.
Idle Glory
Merging one's self with the way of nature is the teaching principle of the Nature Kingdom of Vista. Those who can listen to the rhythm of the subtlest wind and understand the ever embrace of the forest will find strength in nature's harmony. Heroes from the Nature Kingdom are masters in the arts of stealth while using ranged weapons and magic to subdue any enemy standing in their path
Idle Glory
The Earth Kingdom of Terragos has stood in neutrality for centuries. Citizens of this land prefer the solitude of the mountain to the rumble of the world. That’s not to say Terraqosian are push-overs. One may push them to their heart's content, but Earth Kingdom's resistance knows no bound. The presence of Terrogos on any battlefield is like an impenetrable wall that few dare to test its strength.

IGL Token

What is IGL Token?

IGL Token is the main in-game currency of Idle Glory which can be obtained by playing game modes and participating in many other activities. IGL Token is built on BSC, which is completely decentralized. With IGL Token, all players can become investors.
Idle Glory Idle Glory
Idle Glory
Idle Glory
Q3 2021
  • Complete core game and Play2Earn mechanism.
  • Alpha Test version (team and partners)
  • Build Website & Pitch Deck.
Idle Glory
Q4 2021
  • Release Website V1.0
  • Integrate blockchain, adjust gameplay, UI, UX
  • Close Beta Test for communities.
  • NFT Heroes & Items
  • Marketplace V1.0 with Game Asset Offering (GAO).
  • IGL IDO on Launchpad
Idle Glory
Q1 2022
  • Open Beta Test V1.0: PvE, Quest, Boss, Alliance
  • Redeem packages
  • Website V2.0
  • Marketplace V2.0
Idle Glory
Q2 2022
  • Open Beta V2.0: PvP, Arena, Alliance War/Quest
  • New update on NFT Heroes and Items
  • Social/Friends features
Idle Glory
Q3 2022
  • Official launch
  • New update on NFT Heroes and Items
  • DAO
  • Sidechain integration
  • Staking
Idle Glory
Q4 2022
  • Tournament
  • More PvE & PvP contents/features.
  • Monthly events.
Our Core Team
Idle Glory
Tung Nguyen
CEO of NZT Studio
Co-founder @ NZT Studio
Game enthusiast with 10 years experience in Mobile Marketing and Game Design.
Idle Glory
Van Trinh
Technical lead
Co-founder @ NZT Studio
10 years of mobile game development with heavy focus on server side.
Idle Glory
Tung Tran
Art Director
Co-founder @ NZT Studio
3D Lead @ VTC G2 Studio
Day painter, night sculptor with 10 years of character modeling and environment concept experience.
Idle Glory
Ha Hoang
2D Environment lead
10 years experience in 2D concept designs.
Lead UI/UX design leader at Mobifun365 Vietnam. Anime enthusiast.
Idle Glory
Thang Nguyen
Client Development Lead
5 years experience in Unity client development
Technology fanatic.
Idle Glory
Nam Ngo
Animation Lead
5 years experience in 2D animation with Spine, 3 years of 3D animation with Unreal engine.
Animator specialist @ VTC G2 Studio
Our Advisors
Idle Glory
Quang Nguyen
CEO of ZenGroup
- Over 10 years experience in gaming business - Serial investor in game development and publishing
Idle Glory
Quang Nguyen
Co-Founder & CEO of Starpunk
Co-founder & CEO of Megala Ventures
Idle Glory
Tuan Tran
Co-Founder & CTO of Starpunk
BLockchain Techlead of Thetan Arena
Idle Glory
Phong Tran
CEO of 38 Studio
CEO of 24h Media
Online marketing & Social media expert
Idle Glory
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